Today’s cybercrime alert

Mobile devices are not excluded by malware attacks. Users should protect these devices as well as computers.

Today’s risk level

11 % from yesterday

Today's Spam Report

62% of all email is considered spam
32,684,465,702 Total Messages
20,249,923,475 Total Spam

A Few of Today’s Most Hijacked Search Terms

  1. 01. 1380013800or...
  2. 02. site uft
  3. 03. boys co
Cybercriminals insert these terms on infected sites to manipulate search engine results and trick people into visiting these sites. Use caution with these search terms.

Today’s most dangerous websites

  1. 01.
  2. 02.
  3. 03.
  4. 04.
  5. 05.
These sites have been infected with malware and attack your computer just by visiting them. Avoid these "dirty" sites.

How identities were stolen today

55.79% Hackers
43.34% Insider theft
0.7% Theft or loss of compu...